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  • SANO Healthcare | Modernizing Health Care

    SANO Healthcare Research Initiatives Innovations for Healthy Living SANO Health Latest Research SANO's Opioid Crisis Management System SANO Healthcare is developing a Biomedical device to track, monitor, and remotely manage persons undergoing withdrawal and/or management of substance use disorders to ensure patient safety and quality of care are met. SANO's Overcoming Disparities in PAD Interventions SANO Healthcare has initiated a national research collaborative of academia, industry, and nonprofit community engagement mentorship organizations to research and remedy causation of health disparities in PAD intervention to reduce risks for amputation and cardiovascular complications. SANO's Medication Management & Adherence System SANO Healthcare provisionally-patented Biomedical device aims to improve in-home medication management, adherence, and persistence. SANO Healthcare Research support by the National Institutes of Aging of the National Institutes of Health under Award# R43AG080852 SANO's Early Detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) SANO Healthcare aims for earlier detection, diagnosis, and stratification of PAD using novel tools and techniques to reduce future events, complications, and death from cardiovascular disease. SANO's Post-operative orthopedic Injury-deterrent system SANO Healthcare is developing a preemptive detection and deterrent system to preserve health of joints from recurrent injury after orthopedic surgery, while advising our next generation of experts. SANO's Health Literacy SANO Healthcare aims to improve health navigation and medication management in patients through adaptable health literacy initiatives that incorporate Social Determinants of Health. SANO Healthcare Home of Innovations for Health Living Contact Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more. First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • SANO Healthcare| Biomedical Health Innovations Development

    Welcome to Sano Healthcare About Sano Healthcare Sano Healthcare Consultants, LLC ("Sano Healthcare") w as founded on principles of advancing personalized medicine, predictive health, health equities, and population health management. SANO means Health. At SANO Healthcare, SANO also represents our mission for Self Actuating Neural-network Optimization. ​ SANO Healthcare is a health innovation leader in designing, measuring, and implementing personalized patient engagement solutions which supports the continuum of healthcare. These health solutions present methods to reduce health disparities in a fast-changing healthcare environment. ​ SANO's highly scalable and cost-effective health software and biomedical device healthcare solutions remedy health equities through better self-management and population-management system integration. Yes, we are committed to improving health outcomes through supportive system-wide analytical decision-making tools, healthcare portals, and communication devices. ​ SANO Healthcare works to improve all aspects of healthcare delivery services and career pathways through its affiliate organizations SANO Vein and Vascular (i.e. healthcare services) and SANO Health ARM (i.e. Advocacy , Research , Mentoring in Kindergarten through post-graduate STEAM careers). ​ SANO Health Lives Here SANO Health Starts Here "What is called genius is the abundance of life and health." Henry David Thoreau SANO Healthcare impacts Health through ACADEMIA-CLINICAL-INDUSTRY Collaboratives Equitable Care Access Health Literacy Value-based Self Management Biomarker Panel Development Wellness Predictive Analytics Value-based Care Management Translational Medicine Outcomes Analysis SANO Healthcare Novel Product Development Data Sciences Industry Experts Outcomes Analysis SANO Healthcare uses proprietary quantitative analytics and expert consultant capabilities to provide novel solutions which predict healthy outcomes, improve disparities in care, and promote patient healthy behaviors. Healthy Analytics Patient Control Patient Centered Patient Secure SANO Healthcare creates an integrative proprietary technology platform to ensure patients remain in control of their health, and are assisted in innovative ways to optimize their care access and delivery. Healthy Care Privacy Care Access Collaborative Partnerships Care Delivery SANO Healthcare is a collaborative of forward-thinking technologies which disrupt communication silos to optimize healthcare accessibility and delivery. Healthy Care Access & Delivery Our Team Jason Hammond, M.D. SVP - Wearable Technology, Patents & Licensing Edwin N. Kendrick, M.D., M.B.A. President, SVP - Innovation , Translational Medicine , Vascular Surgeon Shawna Silesky, B.S. Director of Portfolio and Fund Managemen t Stephen Stuk, Ph.D. SVP - Data Sciences Rena Kendrick, BSN Director of Nursing and Patient Safety Our Team Norman Smith, B.S. Director of Metrology & Mechanical Engineering Chris Lange, M.Sc. Eng. SVP Manufacturing Engineering Howard Moss, M.D., F.A.S.A.M Director of Mental & Behavioral Health Innovations Timothy Lu, M.Sc. Director of Data Sciences Charles Williams, M.Sc. IT Informational Technology, Telecommunications For More Information Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Health Literacy | Sano Healthcare

    SANO Healthcare's Health Literacy Initiative SANO Healthcare creates a novel Health Literacy platform to impact health outcomes Sano Healthcare recognizes health literacy significantly impacts verbal communications between the patient and provider, which is often layered with medical terminology that is incomprehensible, forgotten, and/or is misinterpreted by the patient. SANO Healthcare's novel software platform incorporates health literacy to shift the current paradigm through a patient-centric approach, wherein we modernize the use of health language and use reinforcement tools which may improve trust and build individual confidence in self-management of their care. Low health literacy worsens health and increases risk of death, as nearly twice as many persons with low health literacy will likely be hospitalized, have increased emergency department visits for non-emergencies, and receive less frequent health screenings for diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Thus, a large population of patients with lower health literacy have greater risk of harm, as their lack of understanding and inability to recall medical information directly impacts their adherence to treatment plans, and satisfaction with treatment recommendations. SANO Healthcare envisions a standard of practice, wherein future electronic applications will be designed through direct patient involvement, and personalized to include culturally competent information and language which reinforces health literacy. SANO healthcare designs platforms of tools which promote behavioral modification by building patient trust and confidence in promoting personal-assisted self-management. SANO Healthcare Innovations for Healthy Living SANO Healthcare provisionally-patented Biomedical device aims to improve in-home medication management, adherence, and persistence. Research support by the National Institutes of Aging of the National Institutes of Health under Award# R43AG080852 SANO Healthcare a Health Literacy Collaborative SANO Healthcare operates a strategic collaborative between academic, community, and private industry to transform management and prevention of health complications and death at the intersection of pharmacology, clinical medicine, engineering, and social sciences through a patient-centric mHealth (mobile health) platform incorporating health literacy. At SANO Healthcare, Health Literacy matters!

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